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HIL Partners Celebrate 25 years!

Thank you for being a part of our family.


HIL Partners is one of the most recognized independent companies, offering expert advice to its customers with differentiated and unique solutions, for Businesses and Families, through the most solid financial groups in the world.

We work with worldwide leaders, classified by risk certifiers with a high level of excellence, governance and transparency in their business. Our main customers are individuals, families, business partners, professionals and executives of large companies.


Partners are highly skilled professionals with a strong academic background and professional experience. Partners goes through continuous training and develops the ability to identify the best alternatives for customers needs.

These professionals can provide valuable insights to clients about the factors that impact the economy, investments and insurances alternatives.

Relationship with a Partner is based on mutual trust and this requires a detailed understanding of customers businesses and family situation, properties and taxes.

Based on the criteria established during the relationship with a Partner, customer can make right decisions and achieve financial goals and consistent with the protection profile.



HIL Partners is focused on the evaluation and monitoring the best solutions in the market due to the long experience of its professionals.


HIL Partners is independent from any institution and has direct access to any alternatives and best solutions available in the market, avoiding potential conflicts of interest.

Customized approach

HIL Partners seeks to understand the needs and particularities of its customers in order to provide the best solutions appropriate to each profile.


Absence of fiduciary risk. Customer resources do not pass by HIL Partners when it makes business.


We provide to customers through the websites of our companies partners direct access to all information.


First step:

Meeting with the client to understand their personal characteristics, needs, risk tolerance and set goals like family protection and / or business / succession planning.

Second step:

Meeting with the client to present the diagnosis and Portfolio Optimization Report, in which we evaluate the current situation, their consistency in relation to customer characteristics and setting new guidelines.

Third step:

Customer registration with the institutions defined in the meeting held at the Second Step.

Fourth step:

After making adjustments, shipping documentation, login and passwords delivered to clients to access your information. Monitoring is periodic with the client, with defined follow-up frequency according to the customer decision.



Through the world’s best companies, experience and a deep knowledge of the global market, HIL Partners refers customers to PLANNING and PROTECTION Solutions tailored to specific needs.

Today, hold a tax planning is essential for better economic results through the legal options available. It is key to a financial success. Learn more about the benefits of our solutions and get the maximum benefits.

Protect the future of your Company: Succession Protection Plan

The disability or death of a partner can cause a strong impact on the structure and operation of a company. Many companies closed by the lack of succession planning.

Adjustments and costs involved can be mitigated through sophisticated solutions, providing resources to conduct the process of restructuring the company as well to meet the needs.

The Future of Your Children

Why is it important to plan the education of Children? Do you know how much it costs to educate a child? And how much cost an university in USA or Europe?

Today the education of children is a major investment for parents. It is about 25% of the family expenses. Quality education is expensive and so the educational planning of a child must be done in the early days of the child’s life.

Protection against anticipated and unanticipated market events is a key element to consider when developing a strategy for the creation, growth and maintenance of capital.

Learn more about the market alternatives and get the maximum benefits.

Health is one of the pillars for your financial planning and shield their assets.

Take care of you and your family having best technology and medical accesses.

It is impossible to eliminate the risks of everyday life, but you can manage them and seek protection. The death or disability of the financial provider of a family can seriously compromise their standard of living, education of children and the family structure.

Plan the future of your family.

It is important to plan for retirement and provide for a monthly income for a dignified life when that time comes. After all, the Third Age spending continues and financial independence must be guaranteed.

The farther the retirement age, the less will be the effort to build a financial reserve and guarantee a monthly income.

Plan your future and have a peaceful retirement.